Clerk of the Board
Hearing Officer Panel Members Sought for Four Year Service Term
May 10, 2023


San Joaquin County is recruiting eligible attorneys to serve as Hearing Officers.

Qualified applicants must be admitted to practice before the courts of the State of California for at least five years prior to appointment. They must also reside in San Joaquin County and have worked as an attorney in the County for at least three years. Hearing Officers cannot have served as a legal representative for, or have been employed by, the County within the six months immediately preceding their appointment.


Hearing Officers have the authority to conduct hearings, issue subpoenas, receive evidence, administer oaths, rule on the admissibility of evidence, prepare a record or proceedings, and rule on questions of law in regards to an appeal from (1) an administrative action by the County relating to any violation of the County Development title, or (2) a Statement of Expense.

Selected qualified applicants are appointed to a panel of Hearing Officers administered by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and serve a four-year term.


Applications are continuously accepted on a rolling basis with qualified applicants added to the panel.


Pursuant to San Joaquin County Ordinance number 4477, individuals may appeal a Notice of Violation and Order to Abate or a Statement of Expense issued by an Enforcement Official of the County to the County department that issued the notice or statement within 30 calendar days of the date of notification. The recipient party may then select a Hearing Officer from the Hearing Officer Panel to conduct an administrative hearing of the appeal.


Online applications for appointment are available here, and may be submitted via emailed or completed, printed, and sent to:

San Joaquin County
Clerk of the Board
44 N. San Joaquin Street, Ste. 627
Stockton, CA 95202

For more information click here, call 209-468-2350, or email



Rachel DeBord,
Clerk of the Board
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