Museums / Art Galleries


Children’s Museum of Stockton, Stockton

Show your kids a side of this wonderful world they’ve yet to experience by taking them down to the Children’s Museum in Stockton. Let them loose under your careful supervision to explore the miniature metropolis, showcasing many fun places you’ll find around San Joaquin County! Each exhibit is the perfect play area for having fun, making friends, and learning valuable information about our world. Take your kids on a tour of the fire truck, helicopter, and many other hands-on displays for an unforgettable experience.

Hill House Museum, Lodi

Leap into the Victorian Era during your tour of the Hill House! A historic point of interest in Lodi, the Hill House was first built in the beginning of the 1900s and has many of its furnishings and photos still intact from when the family first lived within its walls. Tour this beautiful Victorian home on Sundays between 1 and 3 PM and relive a little bit of Lodi life at the turn of the century!

Manteca Historical Society & Museum, Manteca

Learn about the great beginnings of “the family city”. Manteca Historical Society has sewn together the seams of their history for your enjoyment. Find out exactly how this town received its name and tour the exhibits they’ve fostered. Their first new fire engine and a dedication to the native tribes of California are just a couple exhibits that will catch your eye.

San Joaquin Historical Society & Museum, Stockton

AAM accredited and boasting over 50,000 precious artifacts, the San Joaquin Historical Society & Museum is an easy drive from Micke Grove Park. The museum includes eight modern buildings used to showcase its exhibits and four incredible structures stemming from our county’s own history. Walk along the cottage that belonged to Stockton’s famous founder, Charles Weber, or glance outside his daughter’s old home.

San Joaquin County Historical Society

Special Exhibits

Charles Weber House

Take a glimpse into the house that sat along what we now know as Weber Point in downtown Stockton. This historic home was the abode of Stockton’s founder, Charles M. Weber.

Calaveras School

Have a seat in one of the very last one-room schools still standing in San Joaquin County. First built in 1866, Calaveras School served up to 28 students, showcasing the beginnings of education in our communities.

Blacksmith Shop

Step into the past, where a sign of a successful city was an equally successful blacksmith! The smithy, straight from Nelson Ranch of Roberts Island, was first built in the 1800s.

Erikson Exhibition Building

Learn how our abundant agricultural hub first came to be by learning about the Native Americans who called this valley their home, and the settlers who came to cultivate the many cities we now know today.

Haggin Museum, Stockton

Founded on artwork and a daughter’s devotion, the Haggin Museum has continued to shine throughout its vast and wondrous collections. Having undergone recent renovations, Haggin showcases both a bit of history in honor of its county’s roots and temporary exhibits shuffled in and out throughout the year. Stop on by and soak up everything its galleries have to offer!

Filipino American National Historical Society, Stockton

Open just twice a week, this museum offers up programs and exhibits that celebrate the history of Filipinos in the United States. Located in Stockton due to the city’s significance in Filipino American history, the museum is constantly updating and rotating their edifying exhibits.

The Serpentarium, Lodi

Not one to shy away from a scaly friend? Then you might just fall in love with the assortment of snakes and reptiles hanging out at the Serpentarium! When it comes to critters that scamper, slide, and climb across their enclosed homes, these guys win the prize! So stop on by whenever you have a moment to learn all you can about what makes the reptilian world so fascinating!

Tracy Historical Museum, Tracy

Take a tour of Tracy’s unique past and discover a little more about the culture of San Joaquin County’s southern border. Currently housed in the town’s old post office, relics of this train town turned agricultural goldmine are ready for your viewing pleasure.

World of Wonders Science Museum, Lodi

Revel in the spectacles of science as you visit the World of Wonders Science Museum! When you reach for their doors in downtown Lodi you’ll be treated to station after sensational station of non-stop fun and educational experience. Test out the Illumination Lab to find out how lighting truly affects us and our world. Spare some time for the hand battery to see how our bodies can complete an electric circuit. Before ending your day, drop into the WoW Science Store for some cool gadgets the kids will love!

Arts & Galleries

San Joaquin is brimming with artistic appeal, made apparent by the galleries full of both local and internationally celebrated creators.

Art Expressions of San Joaquin, Stockton

A roaming artwork display featuring the very best of our county’s many creative minds, Art Expressions of San Joaquin tours around our Central Valley to spotlight those passionate enough to present their work. Check the calendar on their website to find out just where they’ll spring up from next!

Double Dip Gallery, Lodi

What do you get when you cross riveting artwork with rich ice cream? A truly delectable experience! Double Dip Gallery is here to indulge both your palette and palate when you order a scoop of ice cream from Gunther’s in Sacramento and tour their amazing array of art. Unravel each painting these amazing local artists have devised while soothing that sweet tooth!

LH Horton Jr. Gallery, Stockton

Located in Delta College, the LH Horton Jr. Gallery treats its guests to workshops, art lectures, and many rotating exhibits presenting works of all varying styles. Keep a lookout for projects submitted by both students and masters of the craft as they prepare some of their heartfelt designs. You’ll be delighted as visiting artists from across the country present their creative displays.

Lodi Community Art Center, Lodi

Looking to get more involved in the art scene? Check out Lodi Community Art Center to find a welcoming atmosphere for your creative ambitions! Open Wednesday through Sunday at noon and the first Friday of the month after 6PM for their Lodi Art Hop, browse along many of the member’s masterpieces or ask about how you can feature one of your own!

The Mexican Heritage Center, Stockton

Music, art, and dance are the enriching ways in which the Mexican Heritage Center provides us a view into their beautiful customs. Take a stop in downtown Stockton to look into the events and current galleries they provide. They’re open Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 5 PM and are more than ready to welcome anyone willing to take a step into their culture. 

Reynolds Gallery of Pacific, Stockton

Ponder the plethora of contemporary and traditional artwork on display within University of the Pacific’s Reynolds Gallery. This museum compels its artists to create collections that display their own unique, cultural perspectives. It’s been known to host amazing creators from across the world and strives to maintain a positive link to its community so that visitors young and old may come and express their love for the fine arts.

Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple, Stockton

Surround yourself with the ancestral heritage of Southeast Asia and learn the story of the Cambodian Buddha. Stockton’s Cambodian Buddhist Temple is a jewel brought to life by the efforts of the many members, monks, and volunteers that have made San Joaquin their home over the course of three decades. Walk the grounds and immerse yourself in the story of the Buddha, interpreted in the many ornately crafted statues across the temple.