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Board of Supervisors

Three-Year Board Strategic Priorities

Covering fiscal years 2019-2020 through 2021-2022
  1. Ensure fiscal responsibility
    1. Maintain a structurally-balanced budget
    2. Responsibly consider resources to address the County's pension obligations and labor related costs
    3. Establish measurable outcomes for new or expanding programs
    4. Optimize County departmental staffing levels to ensure an appropriate balance between service capacity and cost
  2. Promote good governance and increase organizational capabilities
    1. Encourage collaboration internally among County departments and externally with other governmental and/or community organizations that provide opportunities for residents
    2. Implement a Succession Plan; include training of the workforce; address the importance of customer service, retention, recruitment and hiring
    3. Develop and install technologies that broaden public access to County services and information more timely and efficiently
    4. Support investments in health care-related infrastructure and service delivery that improve public access to physical and mental health services, ensure fiscal viability, and contribute to the improvement of the public's physical and mental health
  3. Improve public safety and enhance overall criminal justice system
    1. Improve all aspects of the County's criminal justice system
    2. Employ a case management approach to increase public safety focused on reducing recidivism
    3. Expand support services and programs that prepare incarcerated individuals to successfully transition back to the community
    4. Maximize uses of technology that advance public accountability and employee safety
    5. Address quality of life, health, public safety, and homelessness issues through early intervention, education, and blight remediation
  4. Promote economic development
    1. Focus on recruiting new businesses and industries and retaining existing businesses and industries that provide jobs with living wages and in support of local/new industry growth
    2. Partner with employers, local organizations, and educational institutions to prepare workers to meet local job market demand
    3. Improve those factors that are inhibitors; i.e., image, marketing
    4. Encourage and foster innovation throughout the County
  5. Stay informed and proactive in dealing with water issues
    1. Support and advocate for sustainable water solutions that protect the Delta, improve the existing water delivery system, upgrade water-related infrastructure, and oppose proposals involving isolated water conveyance by tunnels or canals that would adversely impact delta water quality, water users, ecosystems, and communities
    2. Manage and maintain the availability and quality of water, improve system-wide levees and flood protection, advocate for regional water selfsufficiency, promote the expansion of surface and groundwater storage, and ensure that all stakeholders are fairly and effectively represented