Three-Year Board Strategic Priorities

Covering fiscal years 2022-2023 through 2024-2025
  1. Organizational Capacity/Technology Utilization
    1. Improve Recruitment and Retention Rates
    2. Formalize Succession Planning
    3. Demonstrate Leadership Development
    4. Augment Digitization and Automation
  2. Fiscal Optimization
    1. Maintain a Structurally Balanced Budget
    2. Effectively Manage One-Time Funds
    3. Proactively Manage Labor Costs
    4. Responsibly Consider Resources Addressing Pension Liability
  3. Public Safety/Criminal Justice/Quality of Life
    1. Provide Adequate Resources for Public Safety and Criminal Justice
    2. Reduction in Response Times for Emergency Services
    3. Mitigate Illegal Dumping/Human Waste
    4. Improve Juvenile System of Care
  4. Homelessness
    1. Expand Unsheltered Bed Capacity
    2. Increase Permanent Supportive Housing
    3. Promote Expansion of Behavioral Health Clinicians and Services
    4. Mitigate Illegal Dumping Encampments
  5. Water Management
    1. Enhance Water Quality
    2. Mitigate Illegal Dumping Impacts
    3. Reduce Flood Risk
    4. Improve Water Storage/Sustainability
  6. Economic Development
    1. Enhance COVID Recovery
    2. Expand Small Business Growth
    3. Increase Transportation/Logistics/Warehousing Businesses