September 14, 2022
San Joaquin County Releases Annual Crop Report

(STOCKTON, CA) The San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner formally presented the 2021 Annual Agricultural Crop Report to the County Board of Supervisors on September 13, 2022 for approval. The data will be used by the United States Department of Agriculture as part of its annual compilation of detailed agricultural data for every county in America.

Agricultural Commissioner, Tim Pelican, announced that the gross value of agricultural production for 2021 was nearly $3.2 billion, signaling an increase of 5.34 percent from the 2020 value. Pelican reported despite some trying circumstances, multiple commodities showed substantial gains in 2021. Pelican noted that almonds remain the County's number one commodity and their continued increase is primarily due to a record yield and increase in bearing acres.

“This year's theme focused on Story of Women in Agriculture,” Pelican said, “I thought it was time we recognize the important role that women play in the agricultural industry. I think we lose sight of the fact that their importance continues to grow and they are integral to its continued success. In my view I believe women invented agriculture and I think we could at least do our small part to make up for the lack of credit they get.”

Supervisor Chuck Winn, Chairman of the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, commented on this year's theme Women in Agriculture, “Women have always been an equal contributor to the success of agriculture not only here in San Joaquin County but throughout the world. Whether it is farming, research, agricultural education or agribusiness, women are instrumental to the agricultural sector. This year's crop report is a prime example of how women are leading the way in helping feed the world while boosting our local economy.”

Highlights from the 2021 crop year:

  • Fruit and Nut Crops continue to be the largest in total value of $1,726,962,000.
  • Almonds took the first place with a total value of $453,764,000.
  • Milk was the number 2 crop with a total value of 445,621,000.
  • Livestock and Poultry products increased by 5.10 percent with a total value of $654,239,000.
  • Nursery products increased by 4.46 percent with a total value of $138,155,000.
  • Apiary products increased by 11.04 percent with a total value of $54,045,000.

For the 2021 Crop Report, and past years, click here.


Tim Pelican,
Agricultural Commissioner
Linda Pinfold,
Assistant Agricultural Commissioner