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The overall mission of the San Joaquin County Department of Public Works is to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain the County infrastructure, which includes public roads, transportation systems, bridges, water, wastewater, channel maintenance and solid waste disposal systems of the County, in order to best serve the interests of the people. These systems are maintained to protect the health and welfare of the public and the County’s financial investments. Public Works also provides vehicle support for the County, including procurement support, heavy and light vehicle maintenance and repair, and daily rental services.

An important goal of the Department of Public Works is to provide quality service to the community and to enhance the public’s quality of life by protecting their investment in:

  • The County’s 120-mile network of underground facilities
  • Over 1,600 miles of roadway, 265 bridges, 364 minor structures
  • Administration, operation and maintenance of 100 special districts
  • Administration and maintenance of 3 Flood Control District zones
  • Maintaining County equipment for County Departments
  • Administration and operation of the County Solid Waste Management Program
  • Management of the County Water Resources and Flood Management program
  • Processing of all official maps through the County Surveyor’s office
  • The acquisition and disposition of real property related to the construction of County Public Works improvements
  • The reviewing of private development projects
  • And the preparation of master plans for future construction of infrastructure

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Fritz Buchman
Director of Public Works
Public Works Department
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