The Transportation Engineering Division coordinates short-term and long-term strategic planning for the local and regional transportation systems. Responsibilities include: the Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program (TIMF); Regional Transportation Impact Fee Program (RTIF); Regional Transportation Plan; San Joaquin County Bike Master Plan; San Joaquin County Transportation Project priorities; General Plan Traffic Circulation Element; specific road plans; corridor studies; transportation financing/grant programs; and providing staff input on regional transportation matters.
The Division is responsible for coordinating environmental compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for Department of Public Works activities. The Division secures project permitting and negotiates mitigation with the State and Federal environmental resource agencies, and monitors and advocates for the Department relevant to environmental rules and regulations changes. Coordination activities include: development review (environmental documents and traffic studies); regional transportation issues and related funding; local agency project development; short and long-range transportation plans; and the Measure K funding programs.
This Division is responsible for ensuring the County utilizes efficient and effective transportation system management and implementation methodologies. In addition, the Division is responsible for all traffic related efforts, including: collects and maintains traffic data; prepares speed and traffic surveys; reviews land development applications and makes recommendations on local traffic plans; prepares advanced construction signing plans; reviews County road construction plans for proper signing and striping, as well as traffic control during construction operations; investigates and makes recommendations to ensure compliance with established traffic safety standards; and, provides for the installation of markings, traffic control devices, railroad crossing improvements, and roadway safety lighting; coordinates and administers Federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act (FSTAA) requirements for trucks within the County's jurisdiction; maintains and analyzes accident records; coordinates railroad crossing protection projects; administers safety grant programs; provides traffic accident litigation support to County Counsel's office; and works with other agencies on traffic matters.
Transportation Engineering
Jeffrey Levers
(209) 953-7631
  • Accident Records and Analysis
  • Advanced Transportation Planning
  • Bicycle Planning
  • Congestion Management Program
  • Legislation Review
  • Roundabouts
  • Specific Road Plans and Corridor Studies
  • Railroad Crossing Inventory and Administration
  • STAA Truck Routes
  • Traffic Calming / Speed Humps
  • Traffic Control Device Inventory
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Transportation Finance
  • Traffic Planning/Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Traffic Signing and Striping
  • Traffic Studies and Operations
  • Traffic Volume Data
  • Transportation Systems Management
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