The Channel Maintenance Division is responsible for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of over 100 miles of project channels and over 200 miles of non-project channels.

Project Channels are those channels where the flood control facilities were constructed by or in cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers. All project channels are inspected at least four times per year for deficiencies and any erosion or other problems are corrected in an expeditious manner. Channels are cleared of excess vegetation and foreign objects each year to preserve hydraulic capacity.

Known trouble spots on the remaining streams are cleared as needed. These Non-Project Streams are cleared of debris and excess vegetation as time and budget allows. This division also clears and cleans County maintained stormwater detention basins.

 In accordance with State and Federal Standards, project levees and channels are maintained in an environmentally responsible manner to protect the surrounding areas from floods of design capacity. Non-project channels receive limited maintenance, as resources and priorities allow.

In general, the work to be performed on Federal channels and improved Federal levees consists of clearing wild growth; spraying or mowing vegetation where appropriate; repairing levees; maintaining levee roads; and repairing and/or replacing revetment work.

During major storm events the division patrols levees within the County to ensure that their integrity is not breached. 

Channel Maintenance Superintendent
Eric Ambriz (209) 468-9698
Public Works Department
1810 East Hazelton Avenue
Stockton, CA 95205
Phone: (209) 468-3000
Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm
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