The Bridge Engineering Division secures local, State and Federal funding for seismic retrofit, barrier rail, rehabilitation, replacement, painting, concrete bridge deck sealing, and various bridge preventative maintenance programs in order to finance the design and construction of bridge, minor structures, and bridge-related projects throughout San Joaquin County. The Division prepares or oversees consultant preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimates for bridge, minor structure, and bridge-related projects. The Division manages, inspects, and inventories the County's bridges, ferries, movable span bridges, and minor structures, including post bridges, which are not capable of carrying legal vehicle loads. The Division also reviews transportation permits for bridges, provides structural engineering assistance, maintains the County's Structural Asset Management System, and coordinates work recommendations from State Inspection reports with the Road Maintenance Division for completion.
The Bridge Engineering Division also conducts consultant procurement activities for all Divisions of Public Works. Consultant procurement consists of solicitation of engineering design and construction management consultants through Requests for Qualifications and Proposals; convening a selection committee; conducting proposal evaluation and consultant interviews; and negotiating terms and conditions for a consultant services agreement. The Division is also responsible for the formation and administration of underground utility districts and provides general assistance to other Divisions related to contract management and administration.

Bridge Engineering
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Public Works Department
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  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimates for Bridge, Minor Structure, and Ferry Ramp Projects
  • Bridge Inspection and Management System
  • Advanced Bridge Planning and Studies Minor Structure
  • Bridge and Minor Structures Inventory and Mapping
  • Seismic Retrofit Program 
  • Bridge Load Limit Monitoring
  • Development Review