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Board Creates Standing Committee on Homelessness
November 30, 2023

Stockton, CA – At its meeting on Tuesday, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors created a new standing committee on homelessness to address the ongoing crisis in the County and its communities.  The committee will be comprised of city and County representatives to provide leadership, recommendations, and policy directives to better coordinate services.

“In the past two years, the Board has awarded millions of dollars to local agencies and cities to double the shelter capacity in San Joaquin County,” commented Board Chairman Robert Rickman.    “This problem will not be solved by just throwing more money at the problem.  We need concrete solutions, innovative responses, and clear results for the people of San Joaquin County.  The Standing Committee on Homelessness will allow all the pivotal partners to be at one table, working together, which is the only way forward.”

The Board received a report from the Homelessness Leadership Forum prepared by United Way of San Joaquin County and the Health Care Services Agency.  The Forum brought together 44 prominent leaders from various sectors across San Joaquin County, allowing them to assess the current state of homelessness and recommend steps that can be taken to address and improve the situation and outcomes for those experiencing homelessness in our community.  Based on this report, the Board created a Standing Committee on Homelessness.

“With the Standing Committee on Homelessness, the County will be able to demand results and hold our partner agencies accountable for results tied to the funding that they are given.  We need a balanced approach to make real progress for our residents,” continued Rickman.  “The solutions must include enforcement, temporary and transitional housing, and commitment to getting the unsheltered the full range of services that they need – both social and mental health or substance abuse services.”

The Standing Committee on Homelessness will bring needed oversight to ensure that the money spent to help the homeless is being used effectively and getting needed results.  In last two fiscal years, San Joaquin County invested nearly $200 million Countywide for projects ranging from emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing, service calls to assist the unhoused, hospital treatment, enhanced care management, and more. Through these efforts, the County has demonstrated its commitment to bringing people off the streets and into stable homes.  As these efforts come to fruition, the Board, with its creation of this committee, has best positioned the County and its partners to not only offer housing solutions but include enforcement actions and whole person care to ensure that the results are lasting.




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