Board of Supervisors
Board Addresses Disparity in Trash Charges in County Pockets Within the City of Stockton, Moves Forward with SB 1383 Compliance Countywide
April 24, 2024

Stockton, CA - Yesterday, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors voted to have staff negotiate extended contracts for trash haulers throughout the County, to ensure that it meets its obligations for trash services under Senate Bill (SB) 1383. They also directed staff to address the apparent disparity in price and services in the unincorporated County “pockets” throughout the City of Stockton. In an extended discussion, the Board heard from service providers, constituents, and staff.

“The Board's action today was in direct response to constituent feedback regarding trash services in unincorporated areas of Stockton,” commented Board Chairman Miguel Villapudua, who represents the First District. “Residents should have an easy-to-understand rate that is similar to those of their neighbors in the city and comparable service standards. Our waste hauler must understand that the density of the County areas in Stockton mean that service should be roughly equivalent, regardless of jurisdiction.”

Supervisor Tom Patti, who represents the Third District, made a motion for staff to determine if Area C is charging more than other areas for fewer services, not including the franchise fee, and if so, for a request for proposal (RFP) to be issued for the area, allowing a competitive bidding process to take place for the future services. The motion passed unanimously.

For the other refuse areas, the Board authorized staff to continue negotiations to increase services to a two or three container collection system, to meet SB 1383 standards to provide organics collection service to all residents and businesses. The Board also directed staff to negotiate amended contracts to extend the current term for six-years, to allow continuity of services, closer adherence to implementation timing in the County's current SB 1383 compliance plan, and in an effort to maintain current rate levels for County residents. A competitive selection process will be initiated prior to the end of the extended contract term.

“SB 1383 requires County waste haulers to implement and provide additional levels of service to our residents,” commented Fifth District Supervisor Robert Rickman. “The Board's action today best protects residents against rate increases by allowing haulers to recoup their investment over the longest possible period. The regulations that come from the State too often have negative financial impacts on San Joaquin County families, but our Board stands with working families who are paying more for power, water, and groceries.”

Staff will report back to the Board at an upcoming meeting to give details on the contract extensions and progress on SB 1383 compliance.


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Public Information Specialist
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