In San Joaquin County and throughout the State of California, recycling used tires keeps this valuable resource out of our landfills. On average, there is one used tire generated for every person, every year. In the state of California, this amounts to over 35 million used tires annually. In San Joaquin County, this equates to about 700,000 used tires; with the typical weight of a tire at 20 pounds, an estimated 7,000 tons can be diverted from our landfills annually through recycling used tires.

San Joaquin County residents can bring up to four(4) used tires at no charge,1 to any County-owned solid waste facility for proper disposal.2

Tires collected at County-owned facilities are sent to a local certified tire recycler. The recycler processes the tires, preparing them to be made into a variety of products, including rubber bark for gardens and playgrounds, rubber asphalt for city streets and sidewalks, and various products such as floor mats.

1. Restrictions apply, please refer to the SJC Sanitary Landfills & Recycling Facilities brochure for additional information.

2. California state law prohibits the transportation of more than nine tires without a waste tire hauling permit and manifest.

Check Out the Green Roads Program from CalRecycle.
The Green Roads campaign was designed to promote the diversion of waste tires by increasing tire-derived products. Green Roads: Paving the way with Recycled Tires provides insight on how recycling tires can benefit California and its residents.

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