The State of California has established the Carpet Stewardship Program, which is charged with meeting requirements for carpet recycling set by AB 2398 and managed by CalRecycle.  AB 2398 is the stewardship law signed by Governor Brown on September 30, 2010.  The purpose of the law is to increase the diversion and recycling of carpet in the State of California.

The law generates funding to meet the goals of AB 2398 through an assessment charged at point of sale of $0.25 per square yard for carpet solid in California.  This assessment is effective as of 01/01/2017.  The law is designed to find ways to incentivize the growth of carpet recycling and allow market forces to help increase recycling.

Certain types of carpet and carpet padding are accepted for recycling at San Joaquin County's Lovelace Transfer Station or North County Landfill.  Carpet and carpet padding that is accepted at Lovelace is sent to processors for recycling into a variety of products.  Products include new carpet, carpet padding, plastic lumber, car parts and other items made with recycled content plastic.  San Joaquin County has been collecting and recycling carpet and carpet padding for recycling since October 2010.  The since 2010, the county has averaged over 100 tons of carpet per year diverted from landfilling and sent for recycling.

Carpet and Carpet Pad
When dropping off carpet and carpet padding at Lovelace Transfer Station or North County Landfill for recycling, please follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:  Keep it dry.
Step 2:  Keep it debris free.  Remove tack strips, nails, trash and dirt.
Step 3:  Prepare the carpet by:
-- Cut carpet into manageable sections;
-- Separate carpet from padding;
-- Roll carpet and roll, stack or fold carpet pad;
-- Stack carpet tiles separate from other carpet items.
Step 4:  Haul carpet and carpet padding to Lovelace Transfer Station or North County Landfill for recycling.

Update:  At this time, only "cut loop" carpeting and certain types of padding are recycled.  Closed loop carpets such as berber and some types of commercial carpets cannot be recycled at this time.  As the carpet recycling industry matures, it is expected that these types of carpets will be accepted for recycling.

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