Permanent Vote-By-Mail Voter

Permanent Vote By Mail Voter Qualifications

  • Any voter may apply for Permanent Vote-by-Mail status.
  • Permanent Vote-by-Mail voters are mailed a Vote-by-Mail ballot for each election they are eligible to vote without having to complete another Vote-by-Mail application.
  • If you wish to become a Permanent Vote-by-Mail voter, please complete a Permanent Vote-by-Mail Application and return it to us.
    • by Mail to: Registrar of Voters, PO BOX 810, STOCKTON, CA, 95201
    • by FAX to:  (209) 468-9534


Permanent Vote-by-Mail voters need not apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot unless you have not voted in four consecutive statewide general elections.

However, any permanent Vote-by-Mail voter who has not received their ballot within 2 weeks of the election should contact the Voters Registration Office immediately at (209) 468-2890.

More Information on visit the Vote-By-Mail Page.

To Remove Your Permanent Vote-By-Mail Status

Complete the Request to Remove Permanent Vote-by-Mail Status form and return it to our office.
You may also remove your permanent vote-by-mail status by calling, faxing, or emailing our office. Please provide your name, address, date of birth and a statement that you are requesting to be removed from the Permanent Vote-by-Mail list.