Voter Accessibility

Language Accessibility

The Registrar of Voters works to ensure that all eligible voters, including those with limited English proficiency, have equal access to our services and materials. In accordance with federal, state, and local laws, the Registrar of Voters provides tools and services designed to increase access for voters who speak a variety of languages.

The Voting Rights Act requires the Registrar of Voters to provide all election materials in Spanish.

The California Elections Code requires the California Secretary of State to determine the precincts where 3% or more of voting-age residents are members of a single-language minority and lack sufficient skills in English to vote without assistance. Based on this determination, the Registrar of Voters provides certain materials and services in the following ten languages: Chinese, Ilocano, Khmer, Punjabi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Hmong, Laotian and Urdu.

Through the materials and services produced, the Registrar of Voters meets and exceeds all legal requirements related to language access. Ensuring access for all voters, including those with limited English proficiency, promotes an informed, engaged community of voters that reflects the diversity of San Joaquin County.