Adopt a Poll Program

What is the process of adopting a polling place? Organizations or groups of citizens can adopt (or manage) a polling place for San Joaquin County Elections. You or your organization will take on the responsibility of supervising a polling place on election day. Our office will provide all the necessary materials and training. There is a minimum requirement of 5 workers per polling place, but some locations are larger and require 10 or more workers to manage a busy day.

By adopting a polling place, you can generate funds that can be contributed to your organization, church, or school.

Other advantages include:

  • Your organization can prominently display its name outside the polling place.
  • Your group will be featured on the County website as a community partner and acknowledged during a County Board of Supervisors meeting.
  • Your team will receive Election Officer Swag on the day of the election.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing English.
  • Complete the required training program.
  • Be available to serve the entire day on Election Day.

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Generate funds by Adopting a Polling Place

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