Emergency Medical Services

Continuous Quality Improvement


The goal of the San Joaquin County Emergency Medical Services Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program is to establish a system wide process for evaluating and improving the quality of prehospital care in San Joaquin County.

Based on EMS community collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence, CQI reveals potential areas for improvement of the EMS System, identifies training opportunities, highlights outstanding clinical performance, audits compliance with treatment protocols, and reviews specific illnesses or injuries along with their associated treatments. These efforts contribute to the continued success of our emergency medical services through a systematic process of review, analysis and improvement.

CQI ALS Provider Reporting Requirements - KPI Outline

CQI Program Reporting Forms

CQI Council Meetings

The CQI Council meets the second Thursday of the month at 1400 and are held in the EMS Classroom, 505 W. Service Road, French Camp, CA 95231, unless otherwise indicated below. The CQI Council membership consists of the following quality improvement liaison personnel:

  • EMS Medical Director
  • EMS Trauma Coordinator
  • EMS Prehospital Care Coordinator
  • Base Hospital Medical Director
  • Base Hospital Liaison Nurse
  • Receiving Hospital Liaison - (chosen by the receiving hospital nurse liaisons)
  • One representative from each of the authorized advanced life support (ALS) emergency ambulance providers and first response agencies operating in San Joaquin County
  • One representative from the County's designated EMS dispatch center.

Note: Occasionally ad hoc CQI meetings are scheduled with specific providers to address unusual occurrences, incidents, or performance issues. Prior to attending any CQI meeting, participants must sign an Acknowledgement of CQI Confidentiality form. If you have any questions, please contact the EMS Office at (209) 468-6818.

CQI Resources

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