November 5, 2019
Reclamation District Elections

List of Reclamation Districts

ONLY Reclamation District 1608 called an election for November 5, 2019.
For more information about this landowner-only election conducted by Reclamation District 1608, please call (209) 948-8200.

No other districts listed below went to an election.
November 5, 2019
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Number of Seats
Number of Seats
1.Reclamation District 17 No Election Called21
2.Reclamation District 38 No Election Called20
3.Reclamation District 348 No Election Called21
4.Reclamation District 403 No Election Called12
5.Reclamation District 404 No Election Called21
6.Reclamation District 524 No Election Called21
7.Reclamation District 548 No Election Called21
8.Reclamation District 684 No Election Called21
9.Reclamation District 773 No Election Called21
10.Reclamation District 828 No Election Called 21
11.Reclamation District 1007 No Election Called21
12.Reclamation District 1608 For information call (209) 948-8200 21
13.Reclamation District 2029 No Election Called21
14.Reclamation District 2030 No Election Called 21
15.Reclamation District 2033 No Election Called32
16.Reclamation District 2037 No Election Called12
17.Reclamation District 2038 No Election Called11
18.Reclamation District 2039 No Election Called32
19.Reclamation District 2040 No Election Called21
20.Reclamation District 2041 No Election Called12
21.Reclamation District 2042 No Election Called32
22.Reclamation District 2044 No Election Called23
23.Reclamation District 2058 No Election Called12
24.Reclamation District 2062 No Election Called21
25.Reclamation District 2064 No Election Called03
26.Reclamation District 2072 No Election Called21
27.Reclamation District 2074 No Election Called21
28.Reclamation District 2075 No Election Called32
29.Reclamation District 2085 No Election Called23
30.Reclamation District 2086 No Election Called12
31.Reclamation District 2094 No Election Called21
32.Reclamation District 2095 No Election Called12
33.Reclamation District 2096 No Election Called23
34.Reclamation District 2107 No Election Called12
35.Reclamation District 2108 No Election Called32
36.Reclamation District 2113 No Election Called12
37.Reclamation District 2114 No Election CalledInactive
38.Reclamation District 2115 No Election Called21
39.Reclamation District 2116 No Election Called21
40.Reclamation District 2119 No Election Called21
41.Reclamation District 2126 No Election Called21