The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Office is a division of the County Administrator's office and is responsible for conducting fair, impartial, accurate, secure and transparent federal, state and local elections. Other functions of the Registrar of Voters Office include voter registration, election administration and campaign finance disclosures.

As of June 7, 2022, San Joaquin County has 385,040 active registered voters of an estimated population of 432,516 eligible voters. It takes about 900 people to conduct a countywide election, including county staff, election officers and election night workers.

Olivia Hale
Registrar of Voters
Main Office
44 North San Joaquin Street
Third Floor, Suite 350
Stockton, CA 95202
PO BOX 810
Stockton  CA  95201
Phone: (209) 468-8683 (VOTE)
Toll Free: (800) 400-5009
EspaƱol: (209) 953-1052
Fax: (209) 468-2889

Stockton East Water District Supplemental Ballot Information

  • An error was identified which affected two contests for Stockton East Water District on the General Election ballots received by the voters within that district.
  • This district is divided into seven divisions, but every voter throughout the district may vote on any contest in all the divisions.
  • Divisions 5 and 7 have contests during this election cycle. Voters in Divisions 5 and 7 received General Election ballots showing only the contest in their division, while voters in the other divisions received ballots showing none.
  • The contests for Districts 5 and 7 are now to be voted on upon a separate supplemental ballot.
  • Votes cast for these two contests on the original General Election ballots will be voided, and only votes cast on the supplemental ballots will be counted for these contests instead.
  • The General Election ballot is being delivered with a blue return envelope. The supplemental ballot for Stockton East Water District is being delivered with a yellow return envelope.
  • Please complete and return these ballots separately, each by itself in the return envelope that was delivered with it.

Press Release Supplemental Ballot

SEWD Supplemental Ballot Letter to Voters English

SEWD Supplemental Ballot Letter to Voters Spanish


Checked box from logo_small  Vote by Mail Ballots

All Eligible voters will been sent a Vote by Mail Ballot for the November 8, 2022, General Election.
Ballots will be in the mail the first week of October 2022.
Please call our office if you have not received your ballot by October 17, 2022.

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