Human Resources Division

Life Insurance

Basic Coverage

The County provides each eligible employee with life insurance as follows:

  • At least one, but less than three continuous years of service - $1,000.

  • Three, but less than five continuous years of service - $3,000.

  • Five, but less than ten continuous years of service - $5,000.

  • Ten continuous years of service or more - $10,000.

Supplemental Coverage

Employees in the Exempt, Senior Management, Middle Management, Sheriff's Management, Deputy Sheriffs, Sergeants, and Confidential representation units also receive additional life insurance in accordance with their respective MOU or Resolution.

Optional Coverage

Employees may purchase additional term life insurance, in increments of $25,000, to a maximum of $200,000, at the County's rate. An application form and authorization for payroll deduction are required.

Please note Evidence of Insurability Required for Amounts over $100,000 and any amount after 30 days from date of hire.

Beneficiary: If you are in the retirement system, your beneficiary is the person you listed as your beneficiary for retirement, unless you file a Change Form with Human Resources designating a separate life insurance beneficiary.

Forms for Additional Term Life Insurance (VOYA)