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State Redistricting
San Joaquin County on a map


The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors has created a State Redistricting Advisory Group made up of community partners, business groups and non-profits to serve as a facilitator, bring community groups together, and to increase outreach to all of the community about this important state redistricting process, which only happens every ten years. To participate in the state redistricting process please see the list of outreach meetings below.

County Proposed State Maps/Narrative Submission to California Citizen's Redistricting Commission

Toolkit for State Redistricting

home_repair_service Toolkit for State Redistricting

Outreach Meetings

California Citizens Redistricting Commission Meeting Schedule (

County Redistricting Online Survey Results Report

San Joaquin County Online Survey Report - August 2021

County Redistricting Phone Results Report

Final Telephone Survey Report

San Joaquin County State Redistricting Public Outreach Meeting Schedule

  • Special Hearing
    October 7, 2021 | 4:00 PM
    Board Chambers, 44 N San Joaquin St, Stockton
  • Public Outreach Meeting #1
    August 17, 2021 | 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM
    SJC Administration Building, Board Chambers
  • Public Outreach Meeting #2
    September 15, 2021 | 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM
    Tracy City Hall, Council Chambers
    Passcode: s!PJ282%
  • Public Outreach Meeting #3
    September 29, 2021 | 2:30 PM — 3:30 PM
    Lodi, Hutchins Street Square, Kirst Hall
    Passcode: s.VD5j3+

Existing State Maps

Supervisorial Redistricting

To comment on the local supervisorial redistricting process for the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors districts, please visit