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District Attorney

San Joaquin County
District Attorney

A Family Justice Center (FJC) is a collaborative model of service delivery that brings together a range of resources and support services under one roof in order to better serve victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Child Abuse and Stalking. The goal of an FJC is to provide comprehensive and coordinated support to individuals and families affected by abuse, helping them to feel safe and supported as they navigate the process of seeking help and rebuilding their lives.

Photo: Family Justice Center EntranceTypically, an FJC will offer a range of services, including restraining order assistance, counseling, advocacy, and support for housing, employment, and other needs. These services may be provided by a variety of different organizations and agencies, including law enforcement, legal services, mental health providers, and social service agencies.

By bringing these resources together in one location, an FJC can provide a one-stop shop or a more streamlined and efficient way for individuals and families to access the help and support they need. It can also serve as a hub for community outreach and education efforts, helping to raise awareness about the issue of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking and the resources available to support victims.

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals and families affected by Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, and Stalking. We are committed to empowering and supporting survivors as they take steps to heal and rebuild their lives.

Our vision is to create a community where all individuals and families are safe and healthy, and where abusive behavior is not tolerated. We believe that everyone has the right to live free from fear and violence, and we are dedicated to working with survivors and community partners to create a world where this is a reality. We are committed to breaking the generational cycles of violence and trauma which has statistically shown to cause a lasting impact on individuals and families. We understand that the effects of abuse and trauma can extend far beyond the immediate aftermath of an incident and that these experiences can shape an individual's sense of self, relationships, and future opportunities.

We strive to provide comprehensive, coordinated support services that meet the unique needs of each survivor which may include counseling, advocacy, and support for housing, employment, and other needs. We are committed to working with survivors to develop personalized safety plans and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to build healthy, thriving lives.

We are committed to being a driving force for positive change in San Joaquin County and to creating a brighter, more peaceful future for all. At the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center, we believe in the power of hope, healing, and resilience, and we are dedicated to standing with survivors on their journey toward safety, independence, and well-being.


Photo: NalaNala was given to the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center through Guide Dogs of America\Tender Loving Canines. They provide fully trained service animals to the visually impaired, veterans with PTSD, and children diagnosed with autism as well as facility dogs to qualifying public agencies.

Nala is a certified Facility dog. You may wonder- what does a Facility dog do?

According to Guide Dogs of America, “A facility dog is a specially trained dog that works with a professional in a residential or clinic setting. The dog must be trained to do specific, skilled tasks in a variety of different situations within the facility environment with multiple clients; it must be more than just a presence within the facility.”

Nala is on-site at the Family Justice Center to provide comfort and support to victims and survivors of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, or Stalking. Nala greets her friends with a smile and a wiggle. She can perform different cues given by her handler, Laura. Cues range from icebreakers or comfort cues. She is a huge asset to our facility and brings joy to everyone she meets.