Ron Freitas
District Attorney

District Attorney
Special Prosecution Division

Elder Abuse is a crime!The District Attorney’s Office Specialized Prosecution Division oversees the crimes related to vulnerable communities such as victimized and/or abducted children, sexual assault survivors, domestic violence, victims of teen dating violence, elder and dependent abuse victims, and victims of human trafficking, and stalking. The prosecutors in this unit also handle cases involving gang violence and youth offenders in the Juvenile Justice System.

Another role of the Specialized Prosecution Division is to work closely with other organizations, such as shelters for victims of domestic violence, child advocacy centers, and victim advocacy groups, to ensure that victims receive the services and support they need. Additionally, they collaborate with other parts of the justice system, such as the court system, probation and parole departments, and law enforcement agencies, to help ensure that offenders are held accountable for their crimes and that public safety is maintained.



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