Ron Freitas
District Attorney
January 30, 2024

San Joaquin District Attorney's Office Raises Awareness During Identity Theft Awareness Week

Identity Theft Awareness Week 2024, Jan. 29 - Feb. 2 

Message from the DAIn observance of Identity Theft Awareness Week, the San Joaquin District Attorney's Office urges the community to stay informed and vigilant against the threat of identity theft.

Identity theft can happen to ANYONE. It is a serious crime. It can disrupt your finances, credit history, and your reputation. It can result in financial losses and take time and money to resolve. Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. When the crooks have your personal information, they can create credit cards and identification cards with your information to make large purchases or finance automobiles or houses, without your knowledge. Identity thieves may get your information by stealing your mail, purse, or wallet, going through your garbage, or stealing your sensitive information digitally from a place you do business with. Identity thieves may also call you on the telephone posing as an official such as an IRS agent and try to get you to provide personal information, or get information from your computer using sophisticated phishing or malware attacks.

Stay informed. Stay vigilant. Stay safe from identity thieves. 

To access valuable resources and information on safeguarding your personal information, visit the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office Identity Theft Prevention webpage or the FTC's site.