Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer of Weights & Measure

Weights and Measures Division

Proposed changes to the County Ordinance Code

The Division of Weights and Measures protects consumers and businesses by promoting fairness and equity in the marketplace with the enforcement of the California Business and Professions Code and other State and County laws and regulations. Areas of enforcement by the Division are:


County Weights and Measure Inspectors inspect and test weighing and measuring devices for accuracy and correctness. There are approximately 20,000 commercially used devices in San Joaquin County.

  • Inspections are conducted annually on commercially used scales such as used at deli counters, flea markets, certified farmers markets, grocery stores, pharmacies, and recycling facilities. Additional scales tested are vehicle scales, livestock, and warehouse and shipping scales.
  • Inspections are also conducted annually on commercially used measuring devices such as motor fuel, LPG, and water dispensers, taxi meters, odometers on ambulances and tow trucks, wire and fabric meters. Additional measuring devices tested are water, electric, and gas meters used to sub-meter to tenants at mobile home parks, apartments, and marinas.


Petroleum products sold in the county are tested to ensure minimum quality standards. Advertising price signs and labeling at gas stations, and the labeling of petroleum products sold are checked to comply with Stat regulations to ensure uniformity and fairness.


County Inspectors regulate and perform audits on state-licensed weighmasters to ensure the commodity transactions based on quantities certified on a weighmaster certificate are accurate and recorded correctly. Visit the Division of Measurement Standards site for more information.

Quantity Control

Packages are checked to assure labeling requirement and the stated weight, measure, or count is correct. Inspectors also enforce the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to prevent misleading or deceptive packing or advertising. Price verifications are also conducted on scanners and point of sale systems to verify regularly-priced and sale items are correctly shelf priced. The Division also regulates firewood sales and responds to complaints. Please visit our firewood brochure "How to Avoid Getting Burned When Buying Firewood" for more information.

Service Agents

Service Agents install and repair weighing and measuring devices. Inspectors monitor the quality and the reporting to the Division concerning the work performed in the county. Visit the Division of Measurement Standards site for more information and listing of agents.


Complaints by consumers or businesses receive high priority in order to resolve conflict in a timely manner. For any complaints regarding weights and measures issues, please contact us here.

Los reclamos de usuarios y negocios reciben alta prioridad con la finalidad de resolver los conflictos a oportunamente. Para cualquier reclamo relacionado con el departamento de Pesas y Medidas favor de contactarnos aqui.