Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer of Weights & Measure

Structural Pest Control Business, Branch 1 (SPCB & Br1) Registration

All Structural Pest Control Business, Branch 1 Registrations Must Submit Paperwork in Person per CA Food and Ag. Code 15204.5 (c)

To be prepared for your office visit, please follow the below steps:

1. Download, complete and print the Structural Pest Control Business, Branch 1 (SPCB & Br1) County Registration form.
    a. To download the Pest Control Aircraft Pilot County Registration form.  Click Here
2. Although electronic registration is not available, fees may be paid online. Please be sure to register within 3 business days of online payment.

    a. Click Here to pay the $25.00 fee online. It is recommended that a copy of the receipt is printed and brought to the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office when registering.

3. Bring the following required documents to the San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office:
    a. Completed Structural Pest Control Business, Branch 1 (SPCB – Br1) County Registration form

    b. Completed Operator / Field Representative List (3rd page of downloaded registration form)

    c. Copy of Company Registration Certificate issued by the Structural Pest Control Board

    d. If paid online, bring copy of payment receipt. Otherwise, the fee may be paid by credit card, check, or money order at the time of the registration visit.

* Food and Agricultural Code section 15204.5(a) requires: each licensed structural pest control operator, field representative, and (SPCB) registered company to register with the commissioner prior to conducting fumigations in any county. The registration shall cover a calendar year. A fee may also be required at the time of registration. The fee shall be set by the county Board of Supervisors, except that in no case shall the fee exceed the actual cost of processing the registration or twenty-five dollars ($25), whichever is less. Registrations may be amended to add operators, field representatives and locations during the year for a fee not to exceed ten dollars ($10).*