Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer of Weights & Measure


January 25, 2023

Agricultural Producers Atmospheric River Storms Damage Survey

The San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner's Office and the Office of Emergency Services have received multiple reports of flood and wind damage to the County's agriculture caused by the late December 2022 through Mid-January 2023 Atmospheric River Storms. It is important that the Agricultural Commissioner's Office can accurately assess and report on the full extent of the damage with the goal of obtaining support or relief for San Joaquin County's agricultural community.

To assist our Office in gathering loss and damage data caused by the late December 2022 through Mid-January 2023 Atmospheric River Storms, please complete the electronic online survey by February 28, 2023. Please access the online survey by one of the following methods:

The data obtained from the survey responses will assist the Agricultural Commissioner's Office in determining the extent and location of damage caused by the storms. This information will be reported to State and Federal emergency response agencies, such as the California Office of Emerge Services and the United States Department of Agriculture to better direct recovery efforts and assist impacted producers.

This survey is not a report for insurance claims. Filling out the survey does not guarantee federal recovery assistance. Producers with insurance should still be reporting damages to their insurance provider.

For more information, please contact our Office at 209-953-6000.

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