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The San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is excited to announce the creation of an online Continuing Education course website. The courses are all free, contain California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approved units, and are prerecorded so attendees can take them at their convenience. New courses will be added over time. Go to to register for an account and access the posted courses.

picture_as_pdf 2021 Growers Meeting 558 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf AgStorm-Damage-Survey-Memo 283 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf California Drought Disaster March 2021 59 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf CDC Advice to Backyard Flock Owner 60 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf Crop Report Plus Series 36329 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf DPR_Regulation No_22-005 209 KB (pdf)
picture_as_pdf N95 Mask Giveaway Protocol 171 KB (pdf)