County Administrator's Office

County Administrator's Scope


The 2023-2024 operating budget for the County Administrator's Office totals $7,718,411 and is staffed with 16 employees.

The Office leads the administrative functions of County government. Specifically, the Office oversees five departments; directs and coordinates all other County departments and agencies; acts to enforce ordinances, policies, rules, and regulations as adopted by the Board of Supervisors; advises and makes recommendations to the Board on a vast number of issues; supervises preparation of the annual County budget; monitors departmental and agency revenues and expenditures throughout the fiscal year; prepares the County’s legislative platforms and monitors legislation that can significantly affect County programs; coordinates and leads efforts/activities related to County economic development; and leads efficiencies in customer service delivery, innovation, and labor negotiations.

General Services - $170.2 Million Budget

General Services Administration - Provides oversight and direction for the General Services Department (GSD), which includes three divisions: Facilities Management, Capital Projects Administration, and Parks and Recreation.

Facilities Management - Provides facility-related services for all County-owned and leased facilities, except for San Joaquin General Hospital and Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

Areas of responsibility include building maintenance, repair, and construction services, management of major renovations, repair projects to existing structures, security, energy conservation, and real property management of County-owned and County-leased facilities.

Capital Projects Administration - Provides management and coordination of capital improvements. Duties include project planning, contract negotiations and monitoring, constriction management, and fiscal administration.

Public Improvement - Provides funding for new construction, building alterations, property acquisition, park improvements, facility planning, and major maintenance or equipment replacement.

Parks and Recreation - Plans, develops, operates, and maintains a system of regional parks; maintains the landscaping at various County-owned facilities and community parks; and manages eight County Service Area (CSA) parks.

Purchasing & Support Services - $4.6 Million Budget

Provides central support services to County departments, including procurement of materials and services, mail/courier duties, duplicating and print shop operations, records storage, and recycling functions.

Human Resources - $13.6 Million Budget

Provides centralized human resources and labor relations services for all County departments, including employment services, exam development, equal employment opportunity program; policy administration; classification and compensation; leave administration; administration of County medical, dental, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment, Casualty, and Life Insurance programs; County Safety and Prevention Program, and the administration of training, staff development, education, deferred compensation, and flexible spending programs.

Information Systems Division Internal Service Fund - $40.6 Million Budget

Provides information processing services, support, and coordination to County departments. The Division is responsible for the County’s information technology and communications functions. ISD’s mission is to “support technology solutions that create opportunities to transform the way service is brought to the public through leading, integrating, partnering, educating, consulting, and supporting.”

Registrar of Voters - $18.4 Million Budget

Provides the citizens of San Joaquin County the ability to exercise their constitutional right to vote by conducting impartial, accurate, secure, and accessible elections with integrity. All elections managed by the ROV are fair, transparent, and open to the public. Elections include Federal, State, County, and local district elections within San Joaquin County.