County Administrator's Office

County Administrator's Scope

Our mission is to advance the public interest and serve the people of San Joaquin County. Bring together our people and resources to turn challenges into opportunities. Be steadfast leaders and committed partners working wholeheartedly for the benefit of our community's health, safety, and economic growth.

The 2020-2021 operating budget for the County Administrator's Office totals $5,056,887  and is staffed with 14 employees. The Office administers several divisions which provide services and support to both the public and County departments.

General Services - $24.3 Million Budget

Facility Management - Provides facility-related services for all County departments. Areas of responsibilities include building maintenance, minor construction, janitorial service, and real property management.

Capital Projects Administration - Provides management and coordination of capital improvements. Duties include project planning, contract negotiations and monitoring, constriction management and fiscal administration.

Office of Emergency Services - Coordinates emergency preparedness and disaster response activities. Responsibilities include the County Emergency Operations Center.

Parks and Recreation - Provides operational and maintenance services for all County park facilities.

Purchase & Support Services - $4.2 Million Budget

Provides central support services to County departments including procurement of materials and services, mail/courier duties, duplicating and print shop operations, records storage, and recycling functions.

Human Resources - $11 Million Budget

Provides centralized human resources services for all County departments including recruitment, exam development, administration of employee benefits, equal employment opportunity services, and provides staff for the Civil Service Commission. The Labor Relations Division negotiates labor contracts and processes complaints, conducts meet-and-confer sessions and joint labor management meetings, and advises County departments on disciplinary actions and counseling matters.

Information Systems - $26.6 Million Budget

Provides information processing services, support, and coordination to County departments. Its mission is to "support technology solutions that create opportunities to transform the way service is brought to the public."

Registrar of Voters - Conducts elections, registers voters, maintains voter registration records, and provides voter registration and election information to candidates, campaigns, news media, and the public.