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It is the County's policy to obtain competitive bids whenever possible. Written bids are the primary means of obtaining prices; phone quotations are solicited when practical. All written bids are due on the time and date specified on the bid form/notice. Sometimes a vendor will expend considerable time and money in presenting his product to an individual County department in hopes of making a sale. If they do this, remember that the purchase will eventually be made by competitive bid and what they have spent for expensive designs, demonstrations, and layouts does not guarantee them an order. Specifications prepared by County departments are carefully reviewed by Purchasing to eliminate undue restrictions and other limitations which unnecessarily reduce competition. The purchase will eventually be made from the lowest responsive bidder meeting these objective specifications. The help you offer the department in developing their purchase request cannot be considered when we make the purchase. We recommend, if you are called upon to provide expensive pre-purchase services, that you consider contracting separately with the department for that service.

Protest and Appeal

It is the County's intent to maintain fairness and impartiality in the procurement process. If you feel that you have not been treated fairly, that the process is flawed or in any other way you feel the County has erred, you are encouraged to contact the Purchasing Agent FIRST to discuss your concerns. An investigation and written report will follow.


Written specifications are used in the bidding process to describe the level of quality required. Unless otherwise specified, all merchandise purchased is new and unused. In addition to the specifications, certain terms and conditions governing purchases are outlined in the bid form/notice. Award is made to the vendor who meets the specifications, terms and conditions stated, including the delivery requirements, and offers the lowest price. Cash discounts are considered in the award.