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The goal of San Joaquin County’s Safety Program is to provide a safe and healthy work environment and make every effort to protect its employees and the public from risks resulting from the County's operations.

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Workplace Violence Incident Report Form
All threats of violence must be taken seriously and reported by employees to their supervisors immediately. The County requires that the supervisor/manager complete the form when a violent act or threat of violence occurs in the workplace as outlined in the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.

CA DMV Add-Delete Form
In addition to DOT requirement for “safety sensitive positions”, the Safety Department recommends that all employees driving a County vehicle and/or transporting clients, patients, consumers or resident etc. be enrolled into the CA DMV Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN).

The EPN program provides the County with a means of promoting driver safety through the on-going review of driver’s records. The EPN program automatically generates a driver record when any of the following actions/activities occurs:

  1. Upon enrollment of driver in the EPN program.
  2. Annually from the date of enrollment or 12 months from the last action/activity printout.
  3. When a driver has any of the following actions/activities added to his/her driver record: 
    • Convictions
    • Failure to Appear
    • Accidents
    • Driver License Suspensions or Revocations
    • Any other actions taken against the driving privilege

Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information
The County requires that a signed authorization from the employee accompany EPN enrollment. Participation in the program is part of the County’s effort to promote driver safety and to determine an employee’s eligibility as a licensed driver for the County.

Auto Accident Form
If an employee becomes involved in an automobile accident, the employee is required to report the accident immediately to the employee’s department. The driver is to complete the Automobile Accident Report form that can be found in the glove compartment of County vehicles.

Safety Condition Report
This form is for employee use to report any safety related problems or unsafe conditions. Employees are to turn in completed forms to their supervisor or Department Safety and Health Representatives. If employee’s concerns are not addressed, the employee may proceed in writing to the Department head or designee. Employees may submit forms anonymously or use their name.