Treasurer - Tax Collector

General Information

The San Joaquin County Treasurer-Tax Collector is committed to providing an effective, efficient and professional approach to serving the taxpayers of our county, and treating all taxpayers fairly and equitably in accordance with the law.

The San Joaquin County Treasurer-Tax Collector is an elected officer of the County. He is the depository of all County funds, County school district funds, and certain special district funds. The San Joaquin County Treasurer and Tax Collector is not only the Ex-officio Treasurer and Tax Collector for schools and Special districts governing boards, but he is also the San Joaquin County Finance Officer charged with the responsibility for the safekeeping and investing over $5 billion in Treasury funds for over 900 entities.

The Tax Collector has a constitutional responsibility for the billings, collections, and maintenance of accounting records for all real and personal property taxes levied in the County.


Treasurer - Tax Collector Department

  • Treasurer of County and All Special Districts
  • Tax Collector
  • Treasurer, Retirement System
  • Investment Officer
  • Redemption Officer
  • Business License Collector

Tax Collection Division

  • Distributes Secured and Unsecured Property Tax Bills
  • Collects all Property Taxes
  • Process Property Tax Redemptions
  • Enforces Property Tax Payments
  • Auction of Power to Sell Property
  • Prepares Property Tax Reports
  • Accounts for Taxes Collected
  • Issues Business Licenses

Treasury Division

  • Receives All County Revenues
  • Invests Fund
  • Collects Special Assessments-Reclamation Districts and Bond Improvement Districts
  • Redeems Warrants
  • Maintains Financial Records
  • Reviews, Advises and Complies with Bond Issues
  • Performs Cash Flow Projections
  • Reconciles Bank Accounts
  • Maintains Bank Relations