Environmental Health Department

California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program

The purpose of the CalARP program is to prevent accidental releases of substances that can cause serious harm to the public and the environment, to minimize the damage if releases do occur, and to satisfy community right-to-know laws. This is accomplished by requiring businesses that handle more than a threshold quantity of a regulated substance listed in the regulations to develop a Risk Management Plan (RMP). An RMP is a detailed engineering analysis of the potential accident factors present at a business and the mitigation measures that can be implemented to reduce this accident potential.

Information Contact

ContactTitle Phone 
John AlanizSenior Registered Environmental Health Specialist(209) 616-3053
Frederick ErnestRegistered Environmental Health Specialist (209) 616-3026
Haza SaeedLead Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist(209) 953-6212 
Elena ManzoProgram Coordinator, REHS(209) 953-7699