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Child Support Program Information

Employers play a vital role in a successful child support program as 65% of all child support payments are made by wage withholding. Although the processing of Income Withholding Orders (IWO) and National Medical Support Notices (NMSN) puts an extra burden on you as employers, you are helping to ensure that food, clothing, shelter, and health insurance coverage is provided for children all over the world.

The following sections should answer many of your questions about the child support program. If you have further questions, please check the Employer's subsection of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have a question about the meaning of a word or term, you may find it in the Glossary.

New options are available to make child support payments - Fast, Easy, Secure!

  • Pay using the State Disbursement Unit Website at: www.casdu.com
  • Pay by phone: Call the SDU at 1 (866) 901-3212