Auditor Controller

Uncashed County Warrants

Welcome to the San Joaquin County Auditor-Controller's website for uncashed County warrants.

Contained here is the inventory of all San Joaquin County warrants (excluding those warrants that are considered private, such as welfare payments, child support, and employee payroll) that have been issued and mailed, but which remain uncashed six months after their issue date. Uncashed County warrants that are lost can be reissued up to two and a half years from the original issue date. Older warrants can only be reissued after the payee has filed with the County Board of Supervisors or Local Board as is appropriate.

Review the following lists to locate unclaimed monies that might be owed to yourself or your business:

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If after reviewing the Unclaimed Warrant listing, you have determined that the County may have funds belonging to you or your business, please complete the appropriate forms referenced in the procedures for claiming.

The County of San Joaquin has a duty to release funds only to the rightful payee. In this regards, we ask the payees to provide documentation to validate their claims to ensure that no one but the rightful payee can receive Unclaimed Monies. Payees may claim their monies directly from the County of San Joaquin without any service charges or fees. Please follow procedures for claiming uncashed warrants./p>

Procedures For Claiming Uncashed Warrants


A valid claim must include a signed "Affidavit" for the re-issuance of a San Joaquin County warrant. Each claim must have a separate Affidavit containing the payee name and (current) address, warrant number, issue date, and dollar amount. Payee name, warrant number, issue date, and dollar amount needs to be exactly the same as that shown on the original warrant shown on the website's Unclaimed Warrant Listing.

The following guidelines will outline who is authorized to sign the Affidavit:

  • Individual. If the payee on the warrant is an individual, the person named as the payee must complete and sign the Warrant Replacement Affidavit
  • Multiple Payees. If there are multiple payees listed on the warrant, then the Affidavit must be completed and signed by each payee.
  • Businesses: If the payee is a business, then the Affidavit must be completed and signed by the authorized agent for that business.
  • Estate/Deceased Payee. If the warrant is payable to the estate of a deceased individual or to a person who is now deceased, the Affidavit must be signed by either the executor or the administrator of the estate. Required supporting documentation includes a copy of the Death Certificate and evidence of appointment as executor or administrator. In addition, a Declaration under Penalty of Perjury of Right of Heir under the Laws of the Probate Code of the State of California must be completed and submitted.

Notarized Affidavit

If the dollar amount of the warrant is $100 or greater, the completed Affidavit MUST be notarized. If less than $100, then the completed Affidavit MUST be witnessed at a minimum.

Proof of Acquisition (or Merger)

If the warrant is payable to a company that has since been acquired by (or merged with) another company, the acquiring company must provide legal evidence of such acquisition (or merger).

Power of Attorney

If the payee utilizes a third-party agent (such as an asset recovery company) to file a claim, a notarized Power of Attorney MUST be submitted to the County and signed by the same person who signed the Affidavit(s).

Claim Submission and Review

Please be sure to include ALL required information with your claim request. Regardless, it is likely we may need to contact you during the review process to obtain additional information to ensure the claimant is the rightful payee. FAILURE TO SUBMIT THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION MAY RESULT IN THAT CLAIM BEING DENIED AND RETURNED TO THE SENDER. If, for any reason, you cannot provide the documentation as requested, please attach a letter explaining why you are entitled to the uncashed warrant and any special circumstances that may apply to your claim.

The completed claim(s) and required supplemental information should be mailed or delivered to:

County of San Joaquin
Auditor-Controller's Office

44 North San Joaquin Street, Suite 550
Stockton, CA 95202
ATTN: Warrant Control

Please note that it may take up to 90 days to process your claim, and if approved, approximately 30 additional days for you to receive payment. This process may take longer under certain circumstances. All additional questions should be sent to Warrant Control Staff.

Disclaimer: Claimant is agreed that if for any reason it is found that the claimant is not entitled to the payment or claimant receives a duplicate payment, the claimant will return the funds to the County of San Joaquin Department of Auditor-Controller within fifteen (15) days.