Office of the Public Guardian / Conservator

Welcome to the website for the San Joaquin County Public Guardian/Conservator’s Office. Our office is responsible for the care, supervision and financial management of those residents of the County who are severely disabled, and unable to manage their own affairs and make appropriate decisions for themselves. These individuals have either a mental illness or are cognitively impaired. For a variety of reasons, family members are unable to assist them. The Public Guardian/Conservator conducts the official County investigation into conservatorship matters and acts as the legally appointed Guardian or Conservator for persons who meet the legal criteria.

About Us

The Public Guardian/Conservator's Office, with approximately 32 staff members, operate the following three primary programs:

Conservatorship Services for both Lanterman-Petris-Short Mental Health (LPS) and Probate Conservatorships.

Representative Payee Services for San Joaquin County Mental Health clients who are unable to manage their financial resources and who are served by Mental Health Case Management. The appointing authority is the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration and other such funding entities.

Note: The powers, authorities, and responsibilities associated with Conservatorship cases are much greater than those for the Representative Payee cases.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Conservator is to safeguard the lives and property of Conservatees who cannot care for themselves with the least possible restriction of their personal liberties.

The mission of the Representative Payee function of the Public Guardian/Conservator’s Office is to manage the benefits and financial resources of disabled persons in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner.

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Public Guardian / Conservator
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