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Veterans, Get the Best Loan Value in California: Cal-Vet Home Loans If you are a veteran living in California, and want the best home loan on the market, then you need a Cal-Vet Home Loan. You'll find the Cal-Vet Loan loaded with money-saving features that help you keep your cash in your pocket and build equity fast. You won't find many of these features anywhere else.

You and your family will benefit from these great loans from day one! As a non-profit State agency, Cal-Vet Loans can offer you far more than the private lending community. Its our way of saying

Just look at these great benefits:

No Loan Origination Fee
Only 5% down
Loans up to $250,000
Free Pre-qualification
Expanded Eligibility
Reusable Loans

Loans up to $250,000
It's tough to find the "right" home under $250,000 in many California markets. Many traditional loan programs have loan limits much lower than Cal-Vet. This makes a combination loan, and all the extra paperwork and headaches, a necessity. You'll enjoy the ease with which you can obtain the right loan amount on your property, up to $250,000 if you qualify, in one easy package from Cal-Vet.

Veteran's Services

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