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Veterans, Get the Best Loan Value in California: Cal-Vet Home Loans If you are a veteran living in California, and want the best home loan on the market, then you need a Cal-Vet Home Loan. You'll find the Cal-Vet Loan loaded with money-saving features that help you keep your cash in your pocket and build equity fast. You won't find many of these features anywhere else.

You and your family will benefit from these great loans from day one! As a non-profit State agency, Cal-Vet Loans can offer you far more than the private lending community. Its our way of saying

Just look at these great benefits:

No Loan Origination Fee
Only 5% down
Loans up to $250,000
Free Pre-qualification
Expanded Eligibility
Reusable Loans

Reusable Loans
If you've already had one Cal-Vet Loan and think you don't qualify again, then you will be happy to learn that new program changes now allow you to use Cal-Vet over and over again. Before you obtain a loan from a traditional mortgage company, check with Cal-Vet to see if you meet the current qualifications for a subsequent loan. You'll be glad you did.

No Private Mortgage Insurance: Keep those mortgage payments down by eliminating the need for Private Mortgage Insurance, and eliminate the high monthly premiums paid on most traditional loans. This is another money-saving feature of your Cal-Vet Loan that you won't find elsewhere!

Home and Loan Protection Plans: Be sure you and your family's investment is safe and sound. While thousands of Californians have lost everything in numerous natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, Cal-Vet Loan holders enjoy full replacement value for their homes, keeping disaster in check for them and their families.

You'll be protected against floods and earthquake damage with your Cal-Vet financed home. With a low, $250 deductible, you'll be on your way to recovery in days should a disaster strike. In addition, your family will be automatically protected in case of the veteran's death or disability through Cal-Vet's mortgage and disability protection plans. You'll never have to fear that "things haven't been taken care of" if something unforeseen should happen.

Sellers and Buyers Pay No Points: This is yet another way that you will come out dollars ahead when you use a Cal-Vet Home Loan. When sellers pay no points, you may be able to negotiate a lower purchase price. When you don't have to pay any points, it means that your funds go directly into equity or another investment, instead of being thrown out the window as another "fee" or "points".

Fast Processing: You'll love the fast easy processing of your Cal-Vet Loan. A qualified loan representative will help you and your agent each step of the way to a fast, 35 day average closing, from the time we get all your paperwork. Your agent can coordinate the entire process with Cal-Vet, just as they would do with any loan from any lender.

We Will Work With Your Real Estate Agent: You'll benefit from putting your real estate agent and your Cal-Vet Loan Agent in touch as soon as you start looking for property. Since veterans represent only a small portion of the real estate buying public, many Realtors are unaware of the new benefits and streamlined loan processing Cal-Vet offers. Your Cal-Vet Loan Agent will be happy to talk with your agent to help him or her understand the Cal-Vet Loan Program and develop a working relationship to assist in your home purchase.

Compare and Save With Cal-Vet Home Loans: Wouldn't you rather have your money going into your equity instead of drifting away as "costs"? Compare Cal-Vet's down payment, fees, and payment schedule. You'll be surprised to see how much a Cal-Vet loan can save you. And we'll be happy to have you as a new Cal-Vet loan holder!

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