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Department Mission Statement

“To ensure the most value for the taxpayer’s dollars by providing consistent, high quality, professional services that are timely, transparent, fair, honest, and treat all parties with respect and dignity while treating all parties with respect and dignity and providing a high level of customer service.”


Department Goals

The Department will act as honest brokers between the external marketplace and internal users to arrive at best value procurement decisions while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The Department will honor and comply with all laws, rules, and policies governing the purchasing function. The Department will strive to develop quality-based partnerships with highly performing suppliers to ensure the most appropriate equipment, materials, supplies and services are being purchased through valid, compliant, and competitive contracts. All members of the Department will work as a team in delivering the highest possible level of customer service.


Department Objectives

The fundamental objectives of our purchasing program may be summarized as follows:  

  •  Provide value added service and support for our customers, procuring materials and services at the lowest cost consistent with quality, service and other relevant factors
  • Promote accessibility, open communications and procurement opportunity
  • Continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our service
  • Provide procurement leadership in an era of continual change
  • Create and preserve a work environment that promotes efficiency, employee competence and commitment to our highest public purchasing values and goals
  • Ensure a good return on investment of the public dollars entrusted to us
  • Promote and support environmentally responsible policies
  • Avoid duplication, waste, and obsolescence and maximize return on surplus property




Purchasing & Support Services

44 North San Joaquin Street
Fifth Floor Suite 540
Stockton, CA 95202
Phone: (209) 468-3240
Fax: (209) 468-3393