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Green at Home

Green Home


Choose re-useable products instead of disposable. Use real dishes, glasses and silverware instead of disposables. Use dish towels that can be washed and re-used instead of paper towels.

Find out what recycling resources your trash hauler provides and recycle everything that they allow. Many City recycling programs allow residents to recycle used oil, oil filters, batteries and even small appliances through their normal trash collection service. Check with your City or local waste hauler for details, special procedures and conditions.

Donate Instead of Dispose

Close the Loop
Buy products with recycled content or reconditioned items. Look for paper products, anything from copy paper to paper towels and napkins, that contain post-consumer content. Use reconditioned toner cartridges for your copier or printer if possible.

Dispose of all Waste Materials Properly
Different waste streams contain different hazards that must be managed. Some of these items include:

Conserve Water
Install low-flow devices whenever possible to reduce water consumption. You can find low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads at your local home improvement store

Water landscapes only after sundown. Check sprinklers regularly for output and to make sure that they are watering the landscape and not driveways or sidewalks.

Conserve Energy

Use Fluorescent Bulbs
Fluorescent lights last many times longer than incandescent bulbs and use much less energy. Fluorescent bulbs do contain mercury, so they must not be thrown in the garbage and must be disposed of properly.

Seal Ducts
Air conditioners and heaters, when utilized, consume more energy than most other appliances. If ducts are not sealed properly, hot and cold air is wasted in crawl spaces, in wall and in attics making your HVAC work harder to provide less than optimal results. Ducts that are over ten years old that have not been maintained are sure to have leaks that may be costing you hundreds of dollars per year.

Use Rechargeable Batteries
Instead of using disposable batteries, invest in some rechargeable batteries and a charger. Using rechargeable batteries can save you a lot of money over their useful life. Plus having fresh batteries is just a charge away. While rechargeable batteries work well in many devices, be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations before using these batteries in a device for the first time.

Buy Quality Products
The old saying that "They don't make products like they used to" is actually a true statement. Many devices manufactured nowadays have a limited lifespan and are meant to be disposed of in a few year's time. By spending a bit more, you can invest in products that have a longer useful life

Buy Energy Star Appliances if Possible

Burn Clean
Burn only on approved burn days. New wood stoves are efficient and burn much more cleanly than old models.

Buy natural products whenever possible

Walk or Ride a Bike

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