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Tires - Illegally Dumped
  The County of San Joaquin has a program to help property owners who are the victims of abandoned or illegally dumped tires.  Used tires are an eye sore, a pollutant and can be a home for pests.  With this program, property owners can work with the County and get passenger car, motorcycle or light truck tires accepted at County sites for free recycling.  Please follow the steps below to take advantage of this program and in the process, improve the condition of your property.

3 Steps You Must Follow to Use This Program:

1 If the property is within the unincorporated area of the county, contact the County Sheriff’s Department online by a mouse click here .  If the property is within city limits, contact the local police department’s non-emergency number.  You will file the report as an act of vandalism/illegal dumping and be issued a report number.

2 – Contact the Solid Waste Division at (209) 468-3066 to make an appointment for the next tire recycling event.  You will be asked for the incident report number from the law enforcement agency.

3 – If you have 10 or more tires to be recycled, please let the program coordinator know so that a waiver may be issued to cover hauling 10 or more tires to the event. 


  • Passenger Car, Motorcycle or Light Truck (Non-Commercial) tires are accepted under this program. 
  • Heavy Equipment, Farm Equipment or Semi-Truck/Commercial tires are not accepted for free under this program.  Rates for commercial tires are listed below.
  • Tires mounted or unmounted on rims are acceptable.
  • Tires must have been illegally dumped on the property or left on the property without the permission of the owner.

This program is paid for under a grant from The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

 Commercial Truck Tire Recycling Rates (As Of Jan 1, 2019):

  Type                  Size      Rate
  Truck  Greater Than  12.00 X 24   $  14.00
  Farm Tractor  Less Than or Equal To  17.50 X 24   $  16.50
  Loader  Less Than or Equal To  23.50 X 25   $138.75
  Earth Moving  Greater Than  23.50 X 25   $416.75

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