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Commercial Recycling

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San Joaquin County prides itself on being a green, sustainable community.  As a county, we have already achieved and surpassed California’s 50 percent waste diversion mandate, and are well on our way to meeting the 75 percent mandate before the 2020 deadline. As we look forward, new regulatory drivers, such as Assembly Bill 341 and Assembly Bill 1826, will provide the groundwork for an even more sustainable future.  

Further increasing the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste in our community means that everyone will have to pitch in and re-evaluate their disposal methods.  Commercial and multi-family properties, generating nearly 75% of the solid waste in California, have the greatest opportunity to reduce our waste impact.  Much of this waste—consisting of 50% recyclables and 35% food waste, green waste, and other organics—can be recycled into valuable new goods and materials.  For this reason, businesses and multi-family dwellings of five or more units have been required since 2012 to collect recycling, and will soon need to plan to add organics (food and green waste) recycling to their operations.

The current compliance requirements for each law are:

 Law  Jan 1, 2017  Jan 1, 2019
 AB 341 -

 Mandatory Commercial 

 4 Cubic Yards per
 week of Trash

 4 Cubic Yards per
 week of Trash

 AB 1826 - 
 Mandatory Organics Recycling

 4 Cubic Yards per
 week of Organics
 4 Cubic Yards per
 week of Trash

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