Records Division

The Records Division of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the recording, maintaining, and retrieving of all official records and documents of incidents reported to and investigated by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office. Records serves as the central processing unit for criminal records, and is responsible for releasing information and copies of criminal and custody records to other law enforcement agencies and the public. 

What are your office hours?
Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are open 24-hours a day for custody related questions.

Where are you located?
Our business address is 7000 Michael N. Canlis Blvd, French Camp, CA 95231

How do I go about getting a copy of a crime report? What does it cost?
You may obtain a report by coming into the office and filling out a request form or submit a request via mail. The fee for the average report is $47.00. Additional charges may be incurred based on the size of the report. We accept cash, check, money orders, or debit/credit cards with the Visa/Mastercard logo. Release of reports is based on current law, policy and procedure, and may affect the outcome of your request. For additional information you may call (209) 468-4408. You will be required to show proper identification prior to the release of a report. Click here to access a fillable Public Records Request Form.

Where do I get the forms to petition the court to have my arrest and related records sealed when I was arrested and not convicted?

Information on How to File a Petition to Seal Arrest and Related Records           Assembly Bill No. 2599
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How do I put a restraining order on file?
Restraining orders are accepted during normal business hours. The order you are placing on file is to be a certified copy.

What happens following a restraining order being put on file with your office?
The information contained within the order is entered into our records database for retrieval by name. Based on law enforcement jurisdiction, the information is entered into California's Domestic Violence Restraining Order System.

Do I have a warrant?
You may come to the Sheriff's Office Records Division and present current photo identification along with your request for a warrants check, or contact your local court.

How do I find out whether someone is in custody?
You may call 468-4562 and ask if someone is in custody or you can access the following web address for the latest booking information:

What information can I obtain about someone in custody?
You may obtain whether or not someone is in custody, charges, bail, court date, arresting agency, when arrested, visiting hours, where he is currently housed, tentative release date, any holds placed by other agencies.

What address do I use to write to an inmate?
999 W. Mathews Road, French Camp, CA 95231

Can I place money on an inmates account?
Deposit money on an inmates account: Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them are accepted at the Kiosks located in the 24 hour lobby, South Jail and Honor Farm visiting lobbies during business hours year round. Postal Money Orders are also accepted via USPS. Mailed to 999 West Mathews Road, French Camp, CA. 95231 Mailed money orders must have inmate’s name, booking number and a return address.

The process can also be made online via, phone number 866-394-0490 Securutech