San Joaquin County
7000 Michael N. Canlis Blvd
French Camp, CA 95231


As your duly elected Sheriff, I recognize that the first responsibility of department members is to serve and protect the citizens of San Joaquin County.

Fair and impartial law enforcement, which respects the individual dignity of all citizens, is essential, and must be accomplished with tact and diplomacy. Force will be used only when necessary, and then only that amount of force required to overcome resistance.

This department will quickly and objectively investigate all citizens complaints in order to determine the facts which will either substantiate all allegations or not.

Steve Moore
Sheriff- Coroner

You may file a complaint against any member of the Sheriff’s Office by:

Calling: Internal Affairs Division Shift Supervisor
Monday- Friday 8AM- 5PM Nights and Weekends
(209) 468-4689   (209) 468-4401

You have the option of filing your citizen’s complaint in person, by telephone, or by utilizing this form to submit a written statement. An investigator from Internal Affairs Division will be assigned to contact you, interview all Sheriff’s Office personnel involved in your complaint. Complaints may be made anonymously, however the Internal Affairs Division will not contact you.

If circumstances indicate that there will be any extensive delay in the investigation, you will be notified of the appropriate date of the conclusion of the matter.

Each citizen’s complaint will be judged on its own merit. After the investigation, your complaint will be classified into one of six categories:

1. UNFOUNDED – The investigation conclusively proved that the act or acts complained of did not occur as described
        by the complainant, or that the employee named was not involved.
2. EXONERATED – The incident/ allegation which provided the basis for the complaint or allegation occurred;
        however, the investigation revealed that the action taken was justified, lawful and proper.
3. NOT SUSTAINED – The investigation failed to reveal enough evidence to prove or disapprove the allegations.
4. SUSTAINED – The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove the allegation made in the complaint.

Should the investigation reveal improper conduct by a member of the Office, then corrective action will be initiated in accordance with policies and procedures established by this Office. Such actions may include counseling, retraining, or discipline, up to and including dismissal. You will be notified, either by telephone or mail, of the final classification of your complaint, unless you have to chosen to remain anonymous.

If you have any questions on the results of the investigation, you may call the Internal Affairs Division investigator assigned to your complaint.

If a claim or other litigation is filed concerning the circumstances under investigation, we will be unable to discuss the matter or otherwise release information.

Citizen complaints assist the Office in maintaining quality law enforcement services. Additionally, they assure the citizens that corrective action is taken if there is misconduct by a member of this Office. Further, a thorough and impartial investigation procedure protects members of the Office from unwarranted accusations.

Contacts Internal Affairs Sgts at (209) 468-4560 or (209) 468-4728

Download Citizen Complaint Form
This form can be fill out electronically.