The Professional Standards Division (PSD) manages the recruiting and hiring activities within the Sheriff’s Office. In addition Professional Standards conducts and manages all backgrounds, office wide training, the Cadet Program, the Correctional Officer Training Academy and all Range operations. Responsibilities also include processing applicants for the Sheriff’s Office, Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) permits, the Sheriff's Policy, Worker's Compensation and Accident claims, Safety, Honor Guard activities and liaison to County Counsel. The Professional Standards Division ensures the Sheriff’s Office maintains compliance with Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) and Board of State and Community Corrections (B.S.C.C.) regulations as well as other Federal and State mandates.

The Correctional Officer Training Academy is currently staffed with a sergeant and four Correctional Training Officers. The Academy is tasked with providing and overseeing training for the Christopher J. Serpa Correction’s Academy. The Academy provides more than 200 hours of training and qualifies graduates to work in the corrections setting. The Academy is certified through the Standards and Training for Corrections, as governed by the B.S.C.C.

Professional Standards Division manages the Sheriff’s Office Operations Division and Custody Division, non-probationary employee training program. This includes the preparation and presentation of the P.O.S.T. and S.T.C mandated advanced officer training, oversight of firearms qualifications, and maintenance of the Office’s official training records. Professional Standards manages and provides oversight of Deputy Sheriff Trainees attending P.O.S.T. certified Police Academies. Upon graduation and swearing the oath of Office by the Sheriff, those trainees are assigned throughout the Office as dually appointed Peace Officers for the County of San Joaquin.