Community-Oriented Policing

Community Revitalization is an important part of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS). Communities experiencing a social or economic decline due to criminal activity can turn to this unit for help. The improvement in the neighborhood can be measured by lower crime, increased property values, lower insurance, and pride of ownership showing proudly to those who visit the neighborhood. Calls for service can be directed to Abatement Officer Bill Hughes at 209-468-4796.

CSET consists of one (1) Deputy Sergeant, three (3) Deputy Sheriffs. This unit is designed to work in a pro-active manner to assist in the prevention of crime by addressing homes that harbor criminal activity. The mission of the CSET unit is to reduce crime, identify and abate community nuisances, blight and substandard living. Identify and comprehensively respond to emerging crime trends, enhance community safety, protect life and property, reduce crime and the fear of crime, reduce incidents of gang violence and criminal activity and decrease the number of active gang members within San Joaquin County. In addition CSET is tasked with handling special enforcement details providing high visibility policing, fugitive warrant service, vice investigations, coverage of events and problem oriented policing. 

Community Car Program
The Community Car Program consists of Deputy Sheriffs permanently assigned to densely populated unincorporated areas of the county. The Community Car Program is overseen by (1) Lieutenant and (1) Sergeant. Community Car Deputies are currently deployed in Thornton, Woodbridge, Lockeford/Clements, Morada, Linden, Garden Acres, Country Club, Taft/Boggs Tract, and Tracy. The Community Car Deputies are responsible for developing a dynamic relationship with the specific community they are assigned to identify problems through the SARA model and resolve those problems through “problem oriented policing" projects. The Community Car Program is specifically designed to be proactive with the unincorporated communities to meet their law enforcement needs. The philosophies of the Community Car Program are synonymous with Community Oriented Policing and ensuring quality of life for the citizens of San Joaquin County. Some of their duties include facilitating community meetings, establishing neighborhood watch programs, removal of abandoned vehicles; abatement of hazardous residences, providing high visibility policing, and fugitive warrant service, vice investigations, coverage of events, special operations, and problem oriented policing.