Child Abuse & Sexual Assault Unit (CASA)
CASA Programs: Megan's Law

Megan Kanka was a 7 year old girl living in New Jersey. Her abduction, sexual assault, and death prompted this legislation. Since October of 1996 Megan's Law has allowed law enforcement agencies in California to notify residents of predatory sexual offenders who live in their communities. All sex offenders are required to register with the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over their place of residence. (Penal Code section 290 and 290.4) Public posting of sex registrant information When the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office has information that we reasonably suspect a sex offender is likely to encounter an entity or individual on a regular basis, they may publicly disclose sex offender information. This disclosure of sex offender information will be to protect the public. When the sex registration unit determines that it is necessary to the public protection to proactively disseminate information, a flyer will be prepared listing the types of information that is legally permissible to be provided. The distribution of the flyer will include the sex offenders residence address. The flyer may also be distributed at the sex offenders place of employment and areas frequented by the sex offender that prompted the concern.     

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