The Sheriff's Detective Division staff includes Criminal Investigators, Coroner Investigators, Crime Scene Evidence Technicians, and the members of the Public Administrator's Office. These detectives conduct criminal investigations that are often lengthy and require specialized training and experience in the areas of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault, Homicide, Kidnapping, Narcotics, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Burglary, Fraud, Grand Theft, and other crimes. Evidence Technicians support investigators by photographing, collecting, and storing evidence from crime scenes, performing fingerprint identification, and processing applicants for various public agencies. The law mandates the Public Administrator's Office to take charge of estates when no other qualifies to do so.

A Captain and Administrative Lieutenant manage the Detective Division.  The investigative staff includes 5 Sergeants, 15 Detective Investigators, 3 Coroner Investigators, 1 High Tech Crime Investigator, and 2 Rural Crime Investigators organized into following five bureaus Crime against Persons, Child Abuse and Sexual Assault, Coroners, Narcotics, and Crime against Property, and 4 Office Assistants including Coroners. The technical staff includes an Evidence Technician III Supervisor, 9 Evidence Technicians II, and 1 Evidence Technician I. The Public Administrator's Staff includes 1 Chief Deputy Public Administrator, 2 Deputy Public Administrators, and 1 Accounting Technician II.
To report a crime or to request non-emergency police service call (209) 468-4400. For emergency assistance call 911. For more information regarding the Detective Division call (209) 468-4425.