Question: How do I find an inmate? Answer: You may search by Last name, First name, or Middle name. For best results, search by last name or first name only.

Question: I’m not finding the name I am searching. Answer: Try searching by last name and first name initial. Another option is to utilize the Last Name Listing and search by the first letter of the inmate’s last name.

Question: Why can’t I get detailed information about a released inmate? Answer: We only display information while the inmate is in custody.

Question: What is the mailing address for an inmate? Answer: The mailing address is located just below the visiting information. Address your mail as it is listed.

Question: What do the different types of arrests mean? Answer: Warrant – Arrested on a warrant issued by a judge. Commitment – To serve jail time. Detainer – A hold placed by an agency for the return of an inmate from another jurisdiction. Remand – Defendant ordered by the court to be placed into custody. Parole Hold – Hold placed by Department of Corrections for violating conditions of parole. USBP – Hold placed by Customs and Immigration Non-County Warrant – A hold placed by another county for an outstanding warrant.

Question: Why are certain charges not being displayed? Answer: If charges have been dismissed or are not currently part of the inmate’s current custody term, they will not be displayed.

Question: What does it mean “Bail Not Allowed? ? Answer: If an inmate has any type of “No Bail? charges, warrants, or holds, the inmate is not allowed to bail out of jail until such time as the holds have been cleared or bail set by the court.

Question: What is the Projected Release Date? What does it mean if there is no Projected Release Date? Answer: Projected Release Date is the date a sentenced inmate will have completed serving time on current sentences. Inmates with pending local cases, warrants or holds from other jurisdictions will not necessarily be released on the projected release date.

Question: If someone went to court today and are to be released, what time would they be released? Answer: If they appeared in court in the morning, the projected time is 2:30 p.m. If they appeared in court in the afternoon, the projected time is 8:30 p.m.

Question: What time will an inmate be released when he/she has completed their sentencing requirements? Answer: The time for release is approximately 8:30 a.m.

Question: How can I place money on an inmate’s account? Answer: Deposit money on an inmates account: Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them are accepted at the Kiosks located in the 24 hour lobby, South Jail and Honor Farm visiting lobbies during business hours year round. Postal Money Orders are also accepted via USPS. Mailed to 999 West Mathews Road, French Camp, CA. 95231 Mailed money orders must have inmate’s name, booking number and a return address.

The process can also be made online via www.smartdeposit.com , phone number 866-394-0490.