This Alternatives to incarceration include:
      AWP-alternative Work Program
      WF - Work Furlough
      EMP - Home Detention by Electronic Monitoring

Office Hours
      Monday - Friday  8 AM - 4:30 PM     Closed Weekends and Holidays 

Who Do I Call To Get Information?
      209-468-4620   Work Programs Office
      209-468-4534   Supervisor
      209-468-4520   Sergeant

Where to find Work Programs?       
      999 W. Mathews Road, French Camp, CA
            From interstate 5, take Mathews Road west bound. You will see our sign for AWP/WF/EMP at the
               entrance. We are located at the south side of the Honor Farm compound.
      Mailing address: 7000 Michael N. Canlis Blvd, French Camp, CA 95231  

Policy And Law
      Custody policy 8.7.3
      Penal code sections:
            1203.016    1208    1208.2   1208.5    4024.2
      County Ordinance
            2-6200    2-6202     2-6201    2-6203
      Title 15
      Superior Court Order Pop Management Court Cap
Program Fees
      Sheriff's Work Programs is non-profit and self supporting
      Fees are not refundable
            Money orders, Credit Card payments, No Cash
      Additional fees required for alcohol/drug monitoring.

Alternative Work Program AWP
      Largest of the 3 programs
      Over 80 non-profit or public agency worksites through out the county
      Gardening, laundry, waste disposal or recycling, drug or alcohol rehab sites and food banks
      4019 P.C. Good/Work Time Applies
      Clients receive 2 days credit for everyday worked or 1/2 time. This is authorized by Superior Court order.
      $75 admin fee and $10 per day or one(1) hour of your gross wage (whichever is greater).

Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)
      This is a home detention program, monitored by 3M GPS Bracelet
      Work, go to school, take care of the kids
      Co-habitants and employer or school must sign agreement
      Clients agree to search clause
      Field investigators conduct searches and make regular checks at clients home, work or school
      4019 pc, good/work time applies
      $75 admin fee and $15 per day or one(1) hour of your gross wage (whichever is greater).

Work Furlough (WF)
      Clients remain in-custody and are released to attend their regular jobs and return at the end of theit work day
      Will be screened for release on EMP
      $75 admin fee and $12 per day or one(1) hour of your gross wage (whichever is greater).

Sentenced Clients may apply
      Out of custody clients need to come to the office with their commitment papers and $75 fee
      In-custody clients are screened by staff and sent an application via inmate mail

      180 days or less for AWP
      No limit on days for EMP
      Low risk offenders are eligible
      Client success is priority
      Client must agree to program rules
When Things Don't Go As Planned
      Clients who miss days will be allowed to reschedule
      Verified illness will be allowed to reschedule at no charge
      Unexcused rescheduling has a  $50.00 charge per day missed. Money orders only or credit card.

When Things Really Go Bad!
      Clients who pick up new charges and are put in Jail, will be failed. If O.R. granted, see case manager
      Clients who get new warrants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
      Clients who refuse to follow program rules or refuse to work, will be failed
      Being intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) at your worksite or our office will be grounds for failure

Return To Custody
      Failed clients will be given a report to jail date and expected to return to jail
      Serious failures may be picked up by sworn staff and immediately returned to custody
      The program administrator can remove any client from the programs without cause, at anytime