The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office offers a wide range of programming and services for both sentenced and unsentenced inmates. Programs and services are made available with the intent to provide the opportunity for inmates to be returned back to the community in equal or better condition both physically and psychologically than when received.


The Sheriff's Office collaborates with a number of Community Based Organizations as well as other county agencies to ensure that inmates are receiving quality programs and services which they can continue upon their release.

The County Office of Education provides GED, Adult Diploma, Life Skills, Ownership/Re-Entry, and Office Technology/Job Readiness classes.

The Sheriff's Office contracts with Friends Outside which is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for families, children, and communities impacted by incarceration. Parenting, Creative Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Fresh Start (Substance Abuse), Women's Wellness, Dads Peer Support, and Individual Case Management are programs and services currently being offered by Friends Outside.

The Sheriff's Office also collaborates with other non-profit and county agencies such as the Salvation Army, El Concilio, Delancey Street, Valley Community Counseling (52-week Domestic Violence program) WorkNet, Child Support, Human Services Agency, and Correctional Health/Mental Health Care.


Currently the Sheriffs Office is offering a vocational program called C-TECH. C-TECH' s objective is to provide students with the necessary skills and credentials to obtain an entry-level position in a high demand occupation. Using hands on training with portable equipment, inmates have the opportunity to earn a certificate in Introduction to Telecommunications, Network Cabling for both fiber optic and copper based systems, Home Entertainment Residential Audio/Video Systems, Introduction to Telephone Systems, and Connecting to Business. Upon completion of each course, inmates earn an Industry-Recognized Certificate from CTECH.

One of the goals of the Sheriffs Office is to expand the vocational training opportunities. The Sheriffs Office is currently working with the County Office of Education to provide a Forklifting/Warehousing and Pre-Carpentry program. The Sheriffs Office will seek collaboration from local community based organizations as well as our local county agencies to help with job placement and general assistance for those inmates who successfully complete the programs.

Recreation yards are provided in each housing unit. Various recreational equipment (depending on location and security level) is also available for use. At the Honor Farm organized activities such as softball, handball, and basketball are supervised after inmate work hours and on weekends by recreation staff. All recreation equipment, including televisions, dvd players and movies are purchased by the inmates through the Inmate Welfare Fund. This fund is derived primarily from commissary purchases made by the inmates.

Religious Services are available weekly at the Honor Farm and general population housing units. Religious counseling on a one-to-one basis may be arranged with a minister by way of an Official visit when the visit is prearranged at a time appropriate for the facility. Bibles and other religious information are available upon request from the Jail librarian.

Education Programs are available through the County Office of Education. Teachers are scheduled during the week at the Honor Farm and S. Jail facilities. The County Office of Education offers GED, Adult Diploma, Life Skills, Ownership/Re-Entry, and Office Technology/Job Readiness classes.

Community Based Organizations such as Friend's Outside, El Concilio, Salvation Army, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotic Anonymous provide additional programs aimed at reducing recidivism. More information may be obtained from the Inmate Program's Director by calling (209) 468-4656.


A full time librarian and two Student Law Clerks provide library and law library services. The Library provides recreational reading, books, magazines, and reference materials through a traditional check out and return system at the Honor Farm Storefront Library and each pre-trial housing unit. Upon request, the Law Clerks provide legal reference material using Lexis Nexus as well as other printed legal handouts commonly requested.


Inmate Caseworker provides general information and assistance to inmates and their families. The Inmate Caseworker also assists inmates and the public in general notary services at a minimal cost. More information regarding Notaries and Inmate Marriages can be obtained by calling the Inmate Caseworker at (209) 468-4373 or (209) 468-4370.